Endian Hotspot 150

Fast and secure Internet access

An intuitive product that provides a stable and quick Internet connection, easy to use and to maintain. The Endian Hotspot 150 is the ideal product for small businesses, retail chains and hotels that want to offer Internet access to coworkers and customers with no risk of bandwidth saturation or users abuses on the web.

Easy user management

Endian Hotspot provides two important features that simplify Internet access. SmartConnect enables users self-registration. Social Login allows to access the Internet through a Facebook or Google account.

Integrated marketing platform

The Endian Hotspot is not only a service for your customers, but a smart tool to promote your activity as well. The captive portal is completely customizable: highlight special offers and ongoing promotions, show your visitors your added value.

SmartLogin remembers you

A useful feature for all your customers. When a user closes and opens the connection again, the Hotspot automatically recognizes him, without asking for the log in another time.

Ideal for the hospitality segment

The Endian Hotspot 150 is the ideal appliance for the hospitality segment: it provides guests with easy and quick Internet access, simplifies the service management and offers a fully customizable captive portal, that works as an interesting marketing tool.

Endian Hotspot 150
Concurrent Users up to 150
Throughput 250 Mbit/s
Recommended for Hospitality, meeting rooms, coworking spaces, restaurants, libraries, shops and retail chains, branch offices
Hardware Endian Hotspot 150
Case Desktop
Dimensions 44mm x 232mm x 153mm
Weight 1.1 kg
Memory 2 GB
Storage 1x 320 GB HDD
Networking 4x Gigabit Ethernet
LAN Bypass -
Power Supply 40W External
Cooling Fans
LCD Display -
Hardware Warranty included in maintenance
Certifications FCC/CE/RoHS
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