Endian Hotspot 500

Fast and secure Internet access

The ideal solution for medium size businesses that need to separate guest WiFi access from the corporate one. It is also excellent for hotels that manage hundreds of Internet connections every day. Up to 500 concurrent users will be able to connect to the Internet through the Endian Hotspot 500. The appliance guarantees best-in-class operating performances. It is easy to setup and includes features that secure and elevate the user experience.

Track and secure your guests navigation

Be sure that your guests do not browse illegal or inappropriate websites. Block obscene, racist or violent webpages. Use the Endian Hotspot web filter, that categorizes over 140.000.000 pages, to avoid any contact of minors with improper contents. Secure navigation from viruses and other malware through a powerful anti-virus.

Integration with third-party portals

If you already own a software program for billing, you can integrate it with Endian Hotspot. In this way you will be able to manage all your Internet users and the other services of your hotel through a single interface.

Ideal for chain stores and branch offices

The Endian Hotspot appliances support master - satellite configurations. The Hotspot 500 and 1500 can be installed in the head quarter to centrally manage the users and the portal configuration, while the Hotspot 150 is the ideal satellite to provide Internet access in the remote locations.

Integrated marketing platform

The Endian Hotspot is not only a service for your customers, but a smart tool to promote your activity as well. The captive portal is completely customizable: highlight special offers and ongoing promotions, show your visitors your added value.

Endian Hotspot 500
Concurrent Users up to 500
Throughput 500 Mbit/s
Recommended for Large hotels, campsites, medium sized businesses, schools, museums, healthcare facilities
Hardware Endian Hotspot 500
Case Rack 1U
Dimensions 44mm x 430mm x 260mm
Weight 5 kg
Memory 4 GB
Storage 2x 320 GB HDD Raid
Networking 6x Gigabit Etherne
LAN Bypass 2 Pairs
Power Supply 65W Internal
Cooling Fans
LCD Display Yes
Hardware Warranty included in maintenance
Certifications FCC/CE/RoHS
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